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My Artistic Journey: From Boulder to Sculptures

Early Years and Education: My story began in the vibrant city of Boulder, Colorado, where I spent my formative years before venturing into higher education. During my third year of college, I embarked on a new chapter at the University of Washington. It was there that I delved deep into the worlds of art and photography, eventually earning a comprehensive 5-year degree in art.

Discovering Artistic Perspectives: My journey through art taught me a crucial lesson: the importance of understanding how others perceive our creations. My photography was often described as brimming with enthusiasm and energy, a reflection that fueled my own passion. This symbiotic relationship between artist and audience became a rewarding cornerstone of my work.

A Foray into Fashion: Post-college, I ventured into the realm of colorful shirt designs. The late ’80s marked a surge in popularity for my creations, turning what started as an exploration into a more than full-time endeavor. By the mid-1990s, this venture had flourished to the extent that it enabled me to purchase the house I live in today.

Transition to Sculptures: Despite the success, I felt a pull towards new artistic expressions. By 1997, I was fully immersed in this quest for innovation, leading to the genesis of my sculpture work in 1998. By 1999, I had transitioned to supporting myself through crafting primarily copper sculptures, marking the beginning of a 25-year career in this field.

Continued Evolution: From those initial steps into sculpture, my career has been a tapestry of unexpected twists and delightful surprises, leading me to where I stand today in 2023. Each year has been a chapter of growth, learning, and profound artistic fulfillment.

Realigning My Focus Away from a Large-Scale Art Business

I’ve realized that running a large, successful art business is no longer the right path for me. Working with a team to manage the high volume of work has been a significant part of my career, but as I’ve grown older, my desires have shifted. I’m now looking to step away from this team-based approach. The drive to maintain a thriving business, especially the physically demanding aspect of participating in art shows, has diminished. It’s time for me to focus on working on a smaller scale, allowing myself the freedom to experiment and try new things.

This change means reducing my workload significantly. By slowing down, I aim to create more space for experimentation and to discover a new creative rhythm. However, I still plan to dedicate some time to assisting my loyal customers, whether that’s helping them transition, address unforeseen life events, or occasionally creating a piece for sale. My commitment to fulfilling requests remains, as long as it aligns with my new, more manageable pace.

In the coming year, I’m excited for you to follow any changes of my work. Expect to see a mix of different styles and qualities as I explore and experiment, charting a new artistic direction. I will try to post a bit on Patreon about whatever is happening.

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