Retirement from Art Shows

“Important Update: What exactly does this mean?

I want to let everyone know, in case you haven’t heard, that I’ve decided to retire from doing art shows. A business that has grown beyond my expectations. ? Primarily, it means I’m still committed to supporting those who have purchased from me in the past. While I’m not entirely ready to shut down my shop, if that day comes, I’ll provide a two-year heads-up before parts become unavailable. But for the moment, parts are still on hand.

Currently, my shop is up and running, but I’m stepping away from art shows and won’t be able to handle the same volume of orders as before. I will, however, continue to work on a few selected projects and pursue new creative endeavors. As of December 2023, I’m dealing with a substantial backlog of orders, some overdue. I aim to clear most of these by April 2024. As of now I am still taking orders outside of the travel of the shows I used to do. You can call me or email me for details of what is available. Delivering after April 15 for now.

If you’re interested in commissioning a piece, please contact me. Keep in mind, I no longer have a large team, so patience will be necessary. . I’ll post available pieces from time to time but be prepared for a longer waiting list under this new approach. If things go smoothly, I might release a new piece every month or two.. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Best, Andrew”

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Andrew Carson Sculpture
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